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I spend my life writing about the men and women of the ancient world, most recently the Plinys and the eruption of Vesuvius, and many of the faces here are familiar. There's a classical playwright slumped in one chair, an elegant empress in another, and pretty young things in various states of undress lurk in corners. A masterpiece: Zurich old town and the River Limmat seen from the Grossmunster. They are, of course, made of stone, but this is — excuse the pun — a relief.

Not only is there no need for small talk.

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For once I can be the life and soul of the party. I work the room like it's AD Although Switzerland has no official capital, Zurich is its largest city and the main centre for finance. Geneva and its lake may be better known, and Basel more celebrated for its art scene, but Zurich is historic, serene, and surprisingly untouristy.

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For much of the afternoon we have the Greek philosophers and gods to ourselves. We visit the similarly quiet Zoological Museum nearby, which is also free — a rarity in Switzerland — and well worth the steep climb through the old town. It has 1, stuffed animals of every species imaginable. My companion likes the red panda, which seems to look at us with an understanding of the misery of mankind. But the mammoth is the king of this jungle. Its skeleton is so huge I do not notice it until I arch my neck.

If only I had its mountain-climbing thighs, the hills and slopes of Zurich would be a doddle. The Romans made the city habitable by constructing a hilltop fort at Lindenhof and a set of baths that you can still see beneath the Thermengasse — an otherwise unassuming alley. The central atrium of the city's university has more ancient relics — including a few professors.

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Students perch precariously in arches several storeys high. Here we enjoy a glass of Rivella, a Swiss soft drink made from milk whey, which is nicer than it sounds. After this, the Kunsthaus offers an altogether more modern display. One moment we are face-to-face with Andy Warhol's soup cans. The next we are gazing at Van Gogh's apricot blossom. On September held its groundbreaking ceremony.

Romantischer Biergarten - Picture of Lommerzheim, Cologne

The inauguration ceremony was on Sep 28 celebrated. Hunting castle Niederwald, surrounded by a natural reserve, is the hunting castle Niederwald above Rudesheim and Assmannshausen. Assmannshausen The romantic wine village was already Hasemann Husen as mentioned in documents. A partially preserved ring wall was once used for protection against enemies and ice. Along the narrow streets of the village with picturesque half-timbered buildings crowd close to the sun-drenched slopes of the 'Hell's'. Here one of the best German Pinot Noir.

Burg Reichenstein The once dreaded robber barons above Trechtingshausen, is a typical example of a Rhineland castle height and fits harmoniously with the wild and romantic landscape at the output of Morgenbachtal. The nature of the oldest parts of the building indicates an origin of the castle in the early Century of.

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Goarshausen Jetty St. Romantic Tour. Cable Car. Burg Rheinstein. Empfehlen Sie uns weiter - vielen Dank!

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Experience the world heritage site Middle Rhine Valley! Ok More information.

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Rudesheim was first called Rudesheim Here one encounters numerous half-timbered buildings. Translation Set as default language. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Translation of Romantik — German—English dictionary.

He has no sense of the romantic. Browse Romanautor in. Romantiker in. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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