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Check out Paper Doll Revisited: Lessons Learned from a Life Lived in the Headlines, Part 2 [Clean] by LuAn Mitchell on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or.
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    I've updated the design for my 3D printed ball joint pixie doll. One of the problems with the original design was that the head was connected by fishing line to the elastic that runs between the arms.

    These dolls need to be restrung or tightened every so often when the joints become loose as the elastic stretches from use. Because I move the arms a lot more than the head on the doll I strung a few months ago, over time, the elastic between the arms has stretched and the head has taken up the slack, so the head has become very floppy.

    To address this, I've added a strut across the inside of the torso. At first glance, LuAn's life story reads like an overwrought script for a bad made-for-cable movie.


    It involves tragedy and triumph, corporate intrigue and family feuds, litigation and compromise, and love and hate-and the occasional death threat. Were she hawking this in a Hollywood pitch meeting-and if she hasn't yet, we can be sure she will. In Paper Doll, LuAn spends little time dwelling on these fevered events.


    Instead, she focuses on learning and leveraging life's lessons to turn adversity into opportunity. It is what real leaders in business manage to do all the time.