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Seemingly for months now, upon learning anything new, my seven-year-old daughter has asked me, “Is it good or bad?”.​ Not brushing at night—good or bad?​ I wrestled with trying to make her understand that sometimes life is neither good nor bad—it just is.
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So it would be quite useful for gripping.

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The digit is not without precedent, even though it marks a unique discovery for primates. Most famously, the giant panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca has just such a pseudothumb structure sticking out of its own wrist, which it uses specifically for gripping the bamboo it eats. Digging moles also grow a second thumb out of their wrists. It's not for gripping in this case; the pseudothumb widens the animals' pawspan, presumably to make them more efficient spades. Typically, there seems to be an advantage to these extra digits. That's likely true for the aye-aye as well, according to the researchers.

Exploring much of that space computationally is prohibitively expensive. In contrast, the game of Go defines a far smaller space of possibilities, and one that is far easier to explore using machine learning methods. When we can successfully define an objective function and reduce a real-world task to an optimization problem, computer scientists, operations researchers, and statisticians have a decades-long track record of solving such problems sooner or later.

However, many problems require additional analysis before they can even be represented to a machine in a form that it can manipulate. For example, how do we write down the meaning of a single sentence in a machine-understandable language? Thus, deep learning and machine learning in general has proven to be a powerful class of methods in AI, but current machine learning methods require substantial human involvement to formulate a machine learning problem and substantial skill and time to iteratively reformulate the problem until it is solvable by a machine.

Most important, the process is narrowly circumscribed, providing the machine with a very limited degree of autonomy; unlike people, AI does not beget autonomy. Rather, it is a step in a decades-long or, perhaps, centuries-long research endeavor to understand intelligence and to construct human-level AI.

video does not play, it just displays a black screen. can anyone help solve my problem? thanks(:

When Google's AI beat the world's Go champion , it stirred a certain sadness in many people. But the reality is the technologies at the heart of AlphaGo are the future. So it's a time to be excited not scared.

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‘It just is’ – a mantra that will move you through anything.

Venmo Me. Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis. Author: Gregory Barber Gregory Barber. The country's struggles with opioids go back centuries, but the current epidemic has roots in the s, when a few studies made doctors less wary of prescribing opioids for pain. Pharmaceutical manufacturers began aggressively marketing them for many ailments, particularly after OxyContin, a controlled-release opioid, hit the market in Soon, narcotics that had been reserved for cancer patients and end-of-life care found their way into medicine cabinets across the country.


Michael Botticelli, the executive director of the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine at Boston Medical Center and former White House drug czar, said that rampant over-prescription of painkillers had actually been decreasing in the last few years. Some experts argue that the crackdown on opioid prescriptions, undertaken when addiction treatment was insufficient, pushed people toward heroin and inadvertently drove up the rate of overdose deaths.

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Regardless of the cause, there is little disagreement that heroin addiction has evolved into a full-fledged crisis of its own. Ciccarone said. Halting prescription opioid abuse will probably not be enough to stop the growing number of deaths.

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The Trump administration has established a commission, led by Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, to study responses to the epidemic.

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Among public health researchers, there is broad agreement about what's needed: access to addiction treatment and medications; tighter regulation of prescription opioids; widespread distribution of naloxone , a fast-acting overdose antidote; needle exchanges or supervised injection centers; and law enforcement efforts to reduce the supply of heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, the bulk of which is thought to come from China and Mexico.

Tom Frieden, the former director of the C.

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He and other experts expressed hope for new partnerships between law enforcement and public health.