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Table of contents

Series 7: Theology and Religion

Qty :. How are we to best understand the statement of faith that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again 'for us and for salvation? His work has enlivened the theological and philosophical debate once again, especially the question of whether and how we are to understand Christ's death as a 'sacrifice'. Mimesis and Atonement brings together philosophers from Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, and Jewish backgrounds to examine the continued significance of Girard's work.

They do so in the light of new developments, such as the controversial 'new scholarship' on Paul.

The Book of Moses

This delightful collection of essays gathers the insights and the most up-to-date research from a variety of theological camps and disciplines. Together the authors touch on all of the central questions that anticipate and follow in the wake of atonement theory.

The collection puts mimetic theory into conversation with a range of theological traditions and modes of application. It provides valuable resources for professors and students who are grappling with the doctrine of atonement itself, and who are trying to understand how this doctrine relates to the broader Christian experience and narrative.

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  2. Atonement; Christ's free-will sacrifice for the redemption of the fallen human nature..
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I recommend it highly, especially for courses centered on soteriology. Mimesis and Atonement is an exciting step toward realizing that transformation. They gathered at her house to hear about her revelation from God, just yards from where the governor lived. She comments upon the doctrines, interprets all passages at her pleasure and expounds dark passages of Scripture. God is speaking to each of us. We need to listen to that voice of God inside us. He needed his people to struggle with their salvation.

But it is fantastic social glue if everyone is doing this. Everyone notices everything. Everyone has an opinion and a moral judgment on everybody else, on the criteria of what God's law says. It will hold together church, family, state.

You need to be able to say, "No, no no, that's not what the Bible says. The Bible says such and so. This is how we should run our society. John Eliot from Roxbury, and from Salem, Hugh Peters, reported that some members of their congregations preferred to listen to Hutchinson's biblical interpretations to theirs. She had in a short time insinuated herself into the hearts of much of the people, who grew into so reverent an esteem of her godliness and spiritual gifts, as look at her as a prophetess.

God speaks through the Bible, and the Bible is mediated through us. The charge was sedition. Hutchinson, you are called here as one of those that have troubled the peace of the commonwealth and the churches here.

See a Problem?

You have maintained a meeting and an assembly at your house which hath been condemned by the General Assembly as a thing not tolerable in the eyes of God nor fitting for your sex. He hasn't thought out his prosecution, and then she rips him to shreds.

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  • You read the transcript and you just watch him squirming with frustration. Your opinions, being different from the word of God, may seduce simple souls who resort unto you. He's accustomed to questioning miscreants who've come up before him. He's accustomed to getting confessions.

    Carl F. H. Henry’s Doctrine of the Atonement: A Synthesis and Brief Analysis

    That's what magistrates did. They got confessions. He can't get a confession out of her. It has to have been extraordinarily frustrating for him. But overnight, the situation was to change dramatically.

    No one knows why Anne Hutchinson changed her approach to the trial, but the next morning she arrived in court determined to share the truth that God had revealed to her. But she's convinced that she knows the truth. And in the end, that's her downfall.

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    • I bless the Lord. He hath let me see which was the clear ministry and which the wrong. Since that time, he hath let me distinguish between the voice of my beloved and the voice of Moses, the voice of John the Baptist and the voice of the antichrist. Now, if you condemn me for speaking what in my conscience I know to be truth, I must commit myself unto the Lord.

      And assure yourselves this much, if you go on in this course, you will bring a curse upon you and your posterity, and the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. They're not about to listen to that revelation. Hutchinson, the sentence of the court you hear is that you are to be banished from out of our jurisdiction as a woman not fit for our society.

      You're to be imprisoned until the court shall send you away. But her influence would outlive both her and John Winthrop. And so the America that's going to be founded later on is going to make room for Anne Hutchinson. We're not going to banish her. We're not going to put her in jail. But she's also the future in the sense of this, "Religion really happens inside us,'' you know, that "the drama is inside us.

      The New Parish - InterVarsity Press

      And God can speak to any of us. And it would await the arrival of more than a million people of different nations and faiths. Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Quakers, Anabaptists, Jews, Methodists, Catholics- all came seeking to recreate themselves in a land that was still taking shape. And they're coming over to this new place. And it's almost like there's this whisper in the ear of the colonists and the early Americans, "Who are we?

      The Biggest Step Backward (for Best Picture)

      Who are we Americans who come from such different places and have so many religious backgrounds? And what's the story that we're playing out? Reverend George Whitefield believed he could unite people with a simple message that everyone could share. For Whitefield, the surest path for a people seeking a new identity lay in being born again.

      Boom, we're back to this perennial radical Protestant idea of immediate connection between God and the individual human soul. And he says, "That's it. It really happens. It happened to me. It had happened to him years earlier, as a student at Oxford. Preaching in England, he'd achieved huge popularity but run afoul of his Anglican superiors for his unconventional message. Now he'd come to America. And as he traveled the country, preaching wherever he stopped, he found people eager for his message of salvation. But in this period in American history, people believed in sin.

      And what they believed is that we were born sinful. We're not born good. Like, everything's not OK. We're born with things haywire.